Whole Life Insurance

Some suggested uses:

  • to cover funeral costs at any age (the older you get the more it costs)
  • to cover routine expenses while surviving heirs adjust
  • to pay unpaid bills
  • to pay estate taxes
  • to replace income when retirement pensions stop or drop with the pensioner’s death
  • to leave some money for heirs
  • to bequeath money to a charity
  • to even up an estate – if one child gets a property then others can be given insurance proceeds
  • to save money compared to buying several term plans

 Some advantages of cash value:

  • to have a go to place for money when all else fails
  • to have access to cash to start a business (Walt Disney started his way)
  • to grow assets tax deferred, and at death tax free.
  • to pass assets to future generation(s) with cascading insurance
  • to avoid creditors, legally.

Some advantages of whole life insurance:

  • Cheaper than term insurance – in the long run. We sell insurance to many seniors who thought they wouldn’t need insurance later in life. Get a base plan and add term insurance to it for temporary needs, like debts and children who will be on their own later.
  • Once you own it the company van never cancel it.
  • Even if your health changes later you still own your insurance.

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