Money Saving Tips 1-199

Tip #1) Advertisements are designed to get your cash! Push the ‘mute’ on TV remote during commercials.

Tip #2) When shopping for a item you want, don’t search through isles of stuff you don’t want. Ask a clerk for directions. If no one is there to help find another store.

Tip #3) Dr Suzuki has been known to prefer tap water over bottled water because of health – plastics aren’t always healthy containers – tap water also saves you money. SUBJECT TO LOCAL WATER CONDITIONS

Tip #4) Personal Grooming Products – Before you toss out ’empty’ plastic tubes and bottles, try cutting open one side as discover how much product is left inside.

Tip # 5) Habits: Calculate the cost. We went to Europe in 2007. That would never happen if I still smoked.

Tip # 6) Download our e-book “Money Smarts for Young Adults” for many cool tips.

Tip # 7) Organize your errands to limit driving. Busses eliminate the need to find parking spots. Driving can become an expensive habit. Keep an inventory of every place you go for a week, and ask yourself if there is an alternative.

Tip # 8) More on the driving thing – save money – use the phone. Phone calls cost less. Stay in touch.

Tip # 9) To save even more than using the phone I use Skype. For only $2.95 a month on Skype and I can make unlimited calls to land lines everywhere in Canada or US free.They don’t have to have a computer at all you just dial their phone. They have another package for other countries and other continents.

Tip # 10) Save money on your life insurance and disability insurance premiums – quit smoking.

Tip # 11) Save more money on life insurance – you and your spouse buy policies at the same time (spousal discount)

Tip # 12) Be cautious when buying groceries. Sometimes the bigger (super size) container is notas cheap as the average size package or can. Usually the most commonly used size is the better price in supermarkets. The smal size is usually more costly also.


Tip # 13) Investing: Use your age to determine your risk factor. Age 90 less you age = the amount you should have in equities/mutual funds/stocks. The remainder should be in bonds or GICs. (This is over simplified as factors other than age can mitigate risk)

Tip # 14) Never borrow to buy RRSPs – the interest is not tax deductable. RRSP loans benefit the seller not the buyer.

Tip # 15) Dining out is costly – a salad of spinach, veggies, blueberries, walnuts, pecan with mango or raspberry dressing is cheaper and better than restaurant fare.

Tip # 16) Don’t buy new cars. Depreciation is expensive and you don’t need a new car to feel good. Hire a mechanic to examine a used car.

Tip # 17) I drove my bike to work today – I feel great and the gas was cheap. Try it!

Tip # 18) Do you pay for haircuts for your boys? Why? How much would you save by doing it yourself?

Tip # 19) Simple, turn off lights not in use and unplug any charger not in use.

Tip # 20) “10% of all you earn is yours to keep” from ‘The Richest Man in Babylon’

Tip # 21) TIME SENSITIVE: ‎2011 SPECIAL! Deposit over $25,000 of your retirement nest egg with us and we guarantee an increase of 6% by Dec 31

Tip # 22) Think about what are ‘wants’ and what are ‘needs’. Buy wants only after you have you save 10% to keep and 10% for a rainy day.

Tip # 23) Use savings to pay your insurance annually. You can save 8% instead of earning 2% in an account.

Tip # 24) Compare rates for your life insurance here and check with us for even better discounts.

Tip # 25) Combine Mortgage Insurance, Car loan, Line of credit, Credit Cards etc. to your own life policy for way lower cost!

Tip # 26) Consider almost new items, cars, furniture, tools. You can save a lot compared to new items.

Tip # 27) Prepare large meals, use some and freeze some. Convenient-saves time and reduces need for take out meals.

Tip # 28) Stop buying. A simple way to avoid bills is to stop buying anything but basics. Try 1 month. You’ll be proud you did.

Tip # 29) Combine your debits. Get highest interest debts paid off first. Negotiate lower rates.

Tip # 30) As for financial advisers don’t settle for investment advisers and accountants. Use a life insurance agent on your team.

Tip # 31) Where possible buy local. Fresh produce has more food value. Farmers Markets offer quality food.

Tip # 32) Never borrow money to buy an RRSP without serious investigation. Check this FREE e-book exposing myths about RRSPs

Tip # 33) Set your printer on low quality and on Black and White. It’s all that is needed for 95% of most needs.

Tip #34) Exercise and diet lead to physical and mental alertness, which may help you make better financial decisions

Tip # 35) Save $6.00 interest on your loans = to earning $8.00 to 10.00 on a savings account. (After Tax Dollars)

TIP # 36) If you are in business there are only 5 ways out. Are you prepared? Get more details here.

Tip # 37) There are three types of debt. Bad, Good and Better debt. Learn about them in our blog.

Tip # 38) If you are younger than 35 OR you have less that $35,000 to invest do NOT buy an RRSP. Details in FREE ebook

Tip # 39) Use Tax Free Savings Accounts for long term savings. Saves taxes!

Tip # 40) Save money with a Life Insurance review. Universal life may be expensive and obsolete now that we have TFSAs unless you have both.

Tip # 41) Start early: Saving $2,000 or $3,000 a year properly invested could mean $500,000 to $1,000,000 in your 50’s or 60’s. Free ebook

Tip # 42) Manicures and Pedicures are costly luxuries. Do your own, invest the cost and retire a few years sooner.

Tip # 43) Practice safe computer use. Repairing damage from viruses can cost more than the protection.

Tip # 44) Check your trunk. Are you hauling around extra weight? More weight = more gas.

Tip # 45) Unless you are a whiz at math take a calculator when grocery shopping to compare value of sizes

Tip # 46) Forced savings is easy with automatic withdrawals. Move all money to pay bills AND for savings each payday to a separate account

Tip # 47) Pay all your bills monthly. This helps you become aware of exactly where your money is going.

Tip # 48) How much do you spend on alcohol? It may be worth a fortune over your lifetime to reduce your use.

Tip # 49) Income splitting – A high income earner lends money to low income spouse to invest. Tax rules must be followed to make it work.

Tip # 50) Donate old clothes to the Salvation Army (or other community store) and while you are there search for bargains for you.

Tip # 51) Turn off most of the lights when you leave you leave your house

Tip # 52) Instead of dining out, why not exchange locations with some friends and do a pot luck.

Tip # 53)A friend tells me a Smart Car gets 95 miles per gallon. If you need more room – could you use a smaller car to drive for work?

Tip # 54) When leaving you house for more than 3 hours consider turning the heat back several degrees.

Tip # 55) Turn your heat down when you go to bed, It doesn’t cost extra to heat the house up again – you save

Tip # 56) Defrost your freezer frequently. That build up of frost inhibits effectiveness

Tip # 57) Hot Water Heaters can cost you 20% of power bill. Set temperature low enough to be comfortable on your hands.

Tip # 58) If there are two thermostats on your water heater, set the low one at a lower temperature than the top.

Tip # 59) Fix leaking faucets. They seem small but can cost a lot.

Tip # 60) Trade or share magazines and materials with others of similar interests.

Tip # 61) Some cities have a ‘no idling’ law. Don’t wait for the law. Limit idling time to 30 seconds. Save gas.

Tip # 62) When you see new gadgets, tools or clothes in flyers, magazines or catalogues do you want them? Save money avoid ads.

Tip # 63) Don’t wander down isles. Make a shopping list, follow it and ask directions to find items.

Tip # 64) Many new products when first sold are more expensive and less effective than they are the following year- so wait!

Tip # 65) Second hand stores frequently offer great savings. Be careful. Check items carefully and save away.

Tip # 66) Forced savings – having a withdrawal made every payday from your account to savings. You spend the rest.

Tip # 67) Credit used wisely can be important. When you co-sign a loan for someone that is counted as your own loan even if another person is paying it. It limits your ability to get credit yourself.

Tip # 68) You pay interest on mortgage, car loans, credit cards etc. You get little or no interest on your savings or chequing accounts. Combining all of these into one secured line of credit (like the Manulife One product) will save you tens of thousands over the lifetime of your mortgage.

Tip # 69) If your freezer is not full, fill plastic bags with water and freeze. A full freezer costs less to run.

Tip # 70) Your home appreciates in value, can be a good investment but invest elsewhere as you may want to live in your home during retirement.

Tip # 71) My Dad said pay at least 1/3 down for cars or appliances – cash for small stuff – it’s Ok to buy a home on mortgage. He was smart!

Tip # 72) Steep your own tea and brew your own coffee. A thermos could save you thousands – add it up.

Tip # 73) Beware the sugar substitutes, they may add more pounds than real calories and some are addictive. Save money make your own drinks.

Tip # 74) Beware the sugar substitutes, they may add more pounds than real calories and some are addictive. Save money make your own drinks.

Tip # 75) ‘Open Office’ can replace’ Microsoft Office’ and it is free (donations appreciated) – look for free ‘open’ software.

Tip # 76) In your budget cost your entertainment – sitting in cramped theatre seats is less relaxing than an at home alternative.

Tip # 77) Invite friends in for a movie at home, or an old fashioned board game. It’s nostalgic, it’s fun and it’s inexpensive.

Tip # 78) Yard sales and Kijiji are great ways to turn your unused ‘stuff’ into cash.

Tip # 79) This is worth saying twice. Write down every penny you spend for a week, or better still a month. Getting to know where the money goes is the first step.

Tip # 80) Plant trees that lose leaves in winter on the south side of your house. It gives shade in summer and allows sun in winter. Saves heat and air conditioning.

Tip # 81) Allow sun in during winter, block direct sunlight during the summer – saves furniture and rugs also.

Tip # 82) Abstain from using credit cards that don’t get paid in full every month. Barring that see Tip # 83

Tip # 83) If you need to carry a balance on your credit card pay more than the minimum payment. The more you pay down the less interest you pay.

Tip # 84) Mom used to say “waste not – want not”. Don’t cook more food than you need. Think before you buy.

Tip # 85) Hire an accountant to do their income tax every three years. Laws change. Taxes saved may be far more than your cost.

Tip # 86) Limit spending by carrying only the cash you plan to use that day – no more. Don’t use credit card except for emergency.

Tip # 87) Analyze where every penny goes for 1 week – then make adjustments based on your activities. No one else can slove your spending problems

Tip # 88) Ask yourself why? Why do I spend money on entertainment? Is it genuine fun? Does it enhance your life? Is there a less expensive rewarding alternative?

Tip # 89) I pay my bills on line, no driving, no postage, no hassle, no waiting for a better time. I do it anytime.

Tip # 90) Have a broker review your life insurance every life change or every three years, whichever comes sooner. Prices, policies and laws keep changing, stay informed.

Tip # 91) Coffee shops become expensive, use home brewed; take a thermos to work or brew coffee there.

Tip # 92) Gardening is good exercise, it costs less than a gym and you save money on food also.

Tip # 93) Walk the dog or ride the bicycle and save money compared to a fitness club.

Tip # 94) When you go shopping plan your stops so you make mostly right hand turns. It is quicker and less idling time saves money on gasoline.

Tip # 95) Still on shopping, don’t drive around looking for a parking spot. Park and walk – saves gas an exercise is good for you.

Tip # 96) When my wife and I eat out we split our breakfasts and our main meals. Save the cost of one meal.

Tip # 97) Mr. Becker told me to pace my driving. Don’t race to a stop light. Save gas avoid stops and starts when possible.

Tip # 98) To save money without conflict, involve everyone including the children in deciding on ways to save.

Tip # 99) While I biked to work the other day I saved gas, and biked by two deer who watched me pass from about 3 meters away. Save money and enjoy the trip too.

Tip # 100) Family income under $41,000 a year? Kids born after 2003 in Canada get $500.00 for education. It is the Canada Learning Bond – apply with us or anyone who sells Education Savings plans.

Tip # 101) Better parenting may mean teaching your children the value of budgeting money, rather than just buying them things they want. Plus it saves you money.

Tip # 102) Electricity or gas costs money. Save money by learning which are the ten most costly appliaces to operate, Check it out at Daily Finance

Tip # 103) We used a ‘last minute club’ to travel to Mexico from Canada. We saved over $2,000. We also got a major discount on our motel in Toronto.

Tip # 104) When vacationing get a motel near the airport that has a shuttle to the airport and will allow you to leave you car on their lot free.

Tip # 105) While we travelled in Europe we found some restaurants charged twice what the bar next door did. Save money ask to see menus before you sit.

Tip # 106) Don’t use perfume, it not only saves you money, it also won’t aggravate my allergies. You are richer and others like you better.

Tip # 107) When entertaining, use finger foods instead of a full course meal. It’s less work and costs less also.

Tip # 108) Look after the spiritual – if you feel complete as a person you won’t need to buy unnecessary items to feel whole.

Tip # 109) Keep your insurers informed. A security system may mean a discount on house insurance.

Tip # 110) Swap with friends, swap baby sitting evenings, it saves the cash to hire a sitter.

Tip # 111) Water heaters take so much energy, set thermostat on heater to just above room temperature. Great for showers. You can boil water for dishes and small jobs.

Tip # 112) Coupons, and websites can be great tools for saving money. You may need a printer but the investment could be worth it.

Tip # 113) Plan your shopping route. Make a list of where you need to stop weekly, and make one trip do. One trip out saves gas.

Tip # 114) Prepare simple foods at home – save money by slicing you meats, mixing your salads and. making your own salad dressings.

Tip # 115) My wife Dorothy and I share one car this took some adjusting but it works very well for both of us and the money saved is huge.

Tip # 116) Trade services with friends jobs that require two people. I’ll do this with you, and you do this with me. It saves labor costs.

Tip # 117) Automatic savings is great. But don’t be fooled into buying RRSPs with them. They could be costly for you. Read about Myths about RRSPs it’s a FREE ebook

Tip # 118) A racehorse can take 1,000 people for a ride all at one time. Save your money – don’t bet.

Tip # 119) Avoid overpriced coffee shops. Real friends don’t need to be impressed.

Tip # 120) The one time it may make sense to start an RRSP early is when your employer matches your deposits.
Warning RRSPs are not smart for everyone read more in our FREE ebook Exposing Myths about RRSPs

Tip # 121) Yard sales can turn your unwanted stuff into cash. Kijiji and e-bay can reach a larger audience.

Tip # 122) Save thousands – Learn the difference between bad debt, good debt, and better debt.

Tip # 123) Negotiate the interest rate on your loans, sometimes you can combine your debts and save interest.

Tip # 124) Instead of a conventional mortgage check out a Manulife One – this comparison could save you thousands

Tip # 125) Unplug or use a powerbar to turn off electricity to your computer and accessories – sleep mode still draws power.

Tip # 126) Vacations can be enhanced by a housekeeping unit. Use easy to prepare foods to avoid routine work. Compare room prices ahead of the trip.

Tip #127) My wife and I enjoy gardening. Raspberries are basically free when you pick them in your own yard.

Tip # 128) My friend turned his hobby of collecting sports cards into a business, now he travels to trade shows for fun and profit.

Tip # 129) Do you like creating things? Create something to sell, cakes, candles, paintings or woodworking for example.

Tip # 130) Do you like to fix things? You could start a repair service to earn extra cash – keep it fun – don’t get stressed out doing it.

Tip # 131) Water heaters and clothes dryers are expensive to run. Wash in cold water and dry on an indoor clothesline during winter.

Tip # 132) Every year shop for TV, Cable, Cell Phone, internet packages. Some alternative solutions are low cost and effective.

Tip # 133) I use Skype for long distance. I can call land lines anywhere is Canada or USA for a $2.95 a month flat fee. No minute charges!

Tip # 134) Check your bank accounts monthly. Check for unfamiliar automatic debits on it. The bank will only return them up to 90 days.

Tip # 135) Also check credit card statements to verify that all purchases are actually yours.

Tip # 136) Don’t just buy RRSPs because everyone else does – lemmings do that. Read more in FREE ebook on RRSPs

Tip # 137) Cash windfalls should not be spent. Use it in your financial plan, not for your shopping urges.

Tip # 139) Reduce the use make up to add color or complexion to your face. Go for brisk walks it could bring similar results.

Tip # 140) When travelling, stop at a grocery store and stock up on a few snacks to take to the hotel, it saves money.

Tip # 141) Stay healthy, studying supplements (not just buying some) and using the correct ones can help avoid expensive health costs later.

Tip # 142) Stay healthy, eat good tasty fruits and vegetables – they are delightful to the taste and help your body look and feel great.

Tip # 143) Stay healthy, visit your doctor annually for a check up – early prevention saves money and even extend your life

Tip # 144) Some gas stations offer reward points and discounts. It may not seem like much but it adds up to a lot in a year

Tip # 145) Skimping on insulation can cost you plenty. Professional energy assessment of your home could pay off big time … check for grants

Tip # 146) Start savings with your first pay check. $1,000 at 7.2% doubles every 10 years. $1,000 saved at age 20 at 7.2% return would accumulate to $16,000 at age 60, Starting at age 30 it would only be $8,000 at age 60. Tell your friends. PS don’t use RRSPs until you have researched the benefits and draw backs. This free e-book “Money Smarts” Exposes Myths about RRSPs can help

Tip # 147) Farmers markets and small specialty stores and health food stores have fresh food and can save money too.

Tip # 148) Buying local means buying fresher foods, means less spoilage of foods before you eat them.

Tip # 149) Negotiate with your credit card companies if you carry a balance. Tell them you are transferring to another company.

Tip # 150) If you are a seldom user, threaten to cancel your cell phone plan to learn of lower rates.

Tip 151) Avoid 2 or 3 year contracts for cable, cell phone, or phone services. New money saving deals come along frequently.

Tip 152) Shop regularly for better deals on your cable. There are on line connections for TV, maybe you can use your computer to feed programs to your TV and cancel cable to save that money

Tip 153) I said it before, we waste so much money on ‘wants’ we convince ourselves we ‘need’ them. Often we can make simple adjustments to meet our ‘wants’ less extravagantly.

Tip 154) “Out of the mouths of babes.” Family meetings, involving all children old enough to speak in budgeting and ask their suggestions,listen and use their ideas

Tip 155) The best way to get rid of debt that worked for me was to simply ‘stop buying’. It sounds too simple but it works the best. If you won’t starve without it get it after bills are paid off.

Tip 156) Reduce debt is pay down long term low interest mortgage or short term high interest consumer credit. Which saves the most money? Contact us at [email protected]

Tip 157) Save thousands off your mortgage interest with our Manulife One product.

Tip 158) Learn the difference between bad debt, good debt and better debt then use debt to your advantage. Click here for more info

Tip 159) Handy with tools? Hook a generator to a stationary bike and pedal to power your TV! The few who do this will save and stay healthy too!

Tip 160) Walk, don’t drive. Try parking several blocks away when downtown doing errants (parking is sometimes cheaper – walking is healthier)

Tip 161) Shopping at dollar stores can save a lot of money – you are helping workers in China – it’s the difference in the Chinese/Canadian money that keeps prices low here.

Tip 162) Bank of Canada hinted today that interest rates will stay down for two years. Time to renegotiate your interest rates on credit cards and loans.

Tip 163) Serenity is helped by avoiding financial woes.

Tip 164) Family life benefits from weekly implementing financial tips that become a way of life. Sign up for daily tips above.

Tip 165) Change your daily spending habits to change your serenity and enjoy your life

Tip 166) Learn to make delightful dishes at home. Cooking does not have to be complicated or time consuming.

Tip 167) My wife checks the items on our grocery receipt. Surprising how often she finds errors.

Tip 168) When you eat out drink water. Coffee, soft drinks or juices add up your bill quickly.

Tip 169) High end restaurants offer a lunch menu to attract people. Careful selection at noon can save up to 50%

Tip 170) Return spoiled or damaged groceries for refunds within a day or two from the purchase. They expect legitimate returns

Tip 171) Have a cooking party. Get friends to compete for the cheapest, tastiest, healthiest, quickest dishes to prepare. Have fun and learn new easy recipes. Save money too.

Tip 172) Store bought stuff may cost more but may not be remembered as long as a homemade gift. Paint picture or build craft items, save money too

Tip 173) Review your life insurance, some universal life policies are obsolete. They provide protection but excess premiums have few benefits. More on universal life policies

Tip 174) Car pooling can work for more than just computing to work, how about shopping, going to the mall or entertainment events?

Tip 175) Christmas is coming. In lieu of gifts, buy a goat for a third world village& ask family/friends to do likewise in your name?

Tip 176) For the kiddies plan Christmas shopping. Search for coupons or sales both online and in flyers. Stick to your budget, never buy gifts on credit.

Tip 177) Credit cards offer low interest rates and no air miles or rewards, or a high interest rate with rewards points. If you carry a balance avoid the higher interest rates

Tip 178) save money by using our online life insurance quote system to find the best deals in Canada

Tip 179) Combine life insurance policies into one – this should be done with advice from a trusted agent. We offer life insurance portfolio reviews Call 1-800-471-0411

Tip 180) Don’t let the European debt crisis become a worry. Ask us about Manulife’s Pension Builder product 6% one-time bonus on deposits in 2011)

Tip 181) Greece, Italy and others may be financially unstable. Stabilize your retirement with Manulife’s Pension Builder – guarantees of 5% or more for a lifetime.

Tip 182) Christmas decorations don’t have to cost a lot. Make your own. Set us a Nativity Scene if you wish, but homemade things beat store bought trinkets anytime.

Tip 183) Life would be better if people just think before they spend. Reduce waste, worry and costs. Less is often best.

Tip 184) Move a portion of your savings into Manulife’s Pension Builder that guarantees 5% annual increases.

Tip 185) Market uncertainty is a certainty now so be wise with your savings

Tip 186) Shop on line for vacation packages, but check with your local travel agent. I got better deals to Europe than my friend did online.

Tip 187) Christmas means visitors. Plan ahead. Bake or cook some now to freeze them so you can enjoy the season and save money on store foods.

Tip 188) It is not what you earn that is important – it’s what you keep that matters

Tip 189) Uncertainty in the markets will likely continue for some years to come, Greece, Italy, etc. Review your retirement savings now.

Tip 190) Save money and have fund – Trade easy recipes for salad dressings, beans, chilli, jams, and baked goods with your friends.

Tip 191) Don’t trade #freedom for #credit card payments. Buying things that you don’t really need costs you hours/years of labour. Think!

Tip 192) Choose entertainment within your budget. A simple bicycle can offer a lot of pleasure and exercise. No expensive club dues

Tip 193) I always wanted to feel free and relaxed. It happened about 2 short years after I pledged not to buy stuff I didn’t need. Freedom is nice

Tip 194) Work at fitness, one motivation is the potential savings on medications and health aids in retirement if you are fit.

Tip 195) The best way to save money is to save money. Don’t deprive your family of your time. Time is more valuable than things you can do without.

Tip 196) Get a second opinion. Bring your investment and insurances to a life insurance broker for a review.

Tip 197) #Tax planning saves more money than many expect. It is an individual thing. Don’t just follow the crowd that is for lemmings read more at free ebook Exposing the Myths about RRSPs

Tip 198) Auto Insurance may cost up to 8% more to pay monthly. Your savings account pays about 1% – You do the math. Check for annual, semi-annual etc.

Tip 199) Use cash. Carry your ‘daily allowance’ with you. People spend about 15% more when they use plastic to buy items.

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