Money Saving Tips – 200 +

Tip 200) “Never a lender nor a borrower be” an old adage. There is a time to use credit, learn about good, bad and better credit

Tip 201)“Early to bed and early to rise makes a person #healthy #wealthy and #wise. If you are self employed or seeking employment this adage is so true. You get so much more accomplished by 10 AM when you get up early.

Tip 202) Fender benders & small mishaps in your home can cost more in future insurance premiums. If the loss is less than twice your deductable check impact of a claim on your future costs.

Tip 203) My friend Randall, showed me several DVDs he rented on his library card. Check out the library for CDs, DVDs etc.

Tip 204) Trading favours or services with friends can #save money compared with hiring professionals. Be careful to know your friends limits. Sometimes a professional is way cheaper than using amateurs.

Tip 205) Don’t go grocery shopping on an empty stomach. People buy too much food and often the unhealthy choices when hungry.

Tip 206) Never dine out on a empty stomach, have a snack prior to leaving home. That way you can avoid the expensive tempting desserts.

Tip 207) Notice the price of coffee or tea? A cup each for a couple can spoil $5.00 – $6.00 with taxes and tip. When dining out drink water.

Tip 208) Christmas isn’t for stress. Kids (school age and up) are often eager to give to third world families. Instead of store bought gifts buy a goat for a village

Tip 209) Define Christmas. What should it mean to you? Discuss this with your family. Invite input from your kids. You may save money.

Tip 210) Avoid colored water, or clear water with fruit flavored vitamin water. Generally not a good value for your money

Tip 211) While the family was on vacation I used food left in the cupboard. It was exciting, creative, I saved money and it was tasty too

Tip 212) Buy 2 litre bottles of soda water on sale for less than a dollar. Mix a couple of ounces of pop or juice for flavour.

Tip 213) When filling your gas tank, use middle rate of speed to fill up. The fastest speed has more air bubbles = less gas volume per dollar.

Tip #214) Save money & have great taste- use a bread maker. It is easy and you can become versatile with it

Tip # 215) Start a $5.00 savings plan. You can get rich slowly. Put every $5.00 bill you get in a jar. Take it to the bank monthly. You may be surprised how well it works.

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