Segregated Funds

-Segregated funds are like mutual funds, but unlike mutual funds have guarantees, creditor protection and estate planning advantages

-Most clients can qualify for 100% death benefit.  Also future deposits up to age 90 would qualify for 100% death benefit

-Seg. funds with direct beneficiaries can bypass probate and executor fees.  Savings of approx. 5% in New Brunswick.   $50,000 on $1,000,000 of assets

-Seg. fund with direct beneficiaries are not part of the public record. This ensures privacy on estate transfer.

-Seg. funds contracts can be used to control the flow of assets after death. i.e. control from the grave. 

-Seg. funds may be a good alternative to Testamentary Trusts.   Segs  can be set up with our Gradual Inheritance concept that allows the owner of the policy to leave a lump sum or annuity to their beneficiaries.  This would save the set up and administration fees associated with maintaining an ongoing trust.

-Segs have similar investment options that mutual funds have + all these benefits.