Recession Proof Retirement

Recession Proof Investments
Printed with clients permission: Roberta and Marty Merrill, Williamsburg Rd. near Stanley NB share the following experience.
“In 2007 and early 2008 Gordon Hughes warned us several times that a market crash was coming sometime in 2008 or 2009. By the time our RRSPs were transferred from two banks and one other firm to Gordon’s firm the crash had already taken place! Ouch! We wish we had acted sooner!
Why didn’t those banks and the other adviser warn us of what was obvious to Gordon?
He got us a minimum guarantee 5% annual growth. This year our funds grew more than 5%, so Gordon was able to change our guaranteed increased to a 6% minimum based on our original deposits.
We know that when the next sudden drop occurs we won’t lose our retirement income, because we have recession proof investments now. Don’t hesitate like we did. Call Smart Choice Life today for a more secure future.

This is only one way to recession proof your retirement income.