Group Benefits

We offer comprehensive employee benefits plans.
You can choose from plans that can include Life Insurance, Critical Illness, Insurance, Health and Dental coverage, Group RRSPs, Pension Plans, Deferred Profit Sharing Plans and personal financial planning for every employee who chooses to use it.

Unique to our firm is my on line – completely anonymous – personal financial planning system.
This can be done on line without them having to give employee names, yet it will be their own personal plan based on their individual situations. Forms can also be printed off the internet and completed on paper for us to review. Again they use only their personally assigned code so no one knows their business. No other firm offers this as part of their group benefits as the plan was designed by us.

Switch your group benefits package to us and we’ll include free written individual personal financial plans for your employees. Included in our financial plan service is a full year access by email, phone or in person to a CFP for any situations they may experience. 

Depending on location and number of employees, we may provide FREE  Lunch and Learn sessions where your employees can learn financial tips that can add to the quality of life, while at lunch.