Long Term Care

Long-term care insurance covers the costs of long-term care services including services in your home such as assistance with activities of daily living as well as care in a health care facility or nursing home.

NOTE: Underwriting for long term care insurance is different from life insurance. You could be declined for life insurance and still qualify for long term care insurance.

You can choose a benefit period of 2, 5 years or for your entire lifetime. You also get to choose the maximum amount you can claim per day. This affects your purchase price. Our trained financial advisers can assist you to select a level of coverage suited to your personal needs.

****************** Notes *******************

Long term care insurance policies have been on the market in Canada since the 1990s so why don’t more people own their own Long Term Care Policy?

  1. A) Many have lower income levels and probably won’t need it.
  2. B) Many more haven’t heard of it. Some life insurance companies don’t even sell Long Term Care Insurance.
  3. C) Some only think of investments and returns rather than focusing on financial planning.

 Did you know that 44% of provincial revenues went to health care in 2010 if there is no government policy change that will grow to 97% of total revenues by 2035?  That can’t happen!

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