Critical Illness

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There are many variations in critical illness plans –  most range from one covered illness (Cancer) to a new group plan which covers 44 different illnesses.  Most cover from 4 to 28 illnesses and injuries.

We encourage a courtesy telephone consultation 1-800-471-0411 or 506 454-3346

You get a lump sum payment when diagnosed with a critical illness. You don’t have to die to collect it.

Who do you know that has had cancer or a heart attack under age 65?

Would $50,000 or $100,000 cash have helped ease the stress of their situation after they were diagnosed?

Some critical illness policies cover only Cancer, Heart Attack an Stroke. Others cover nearly 30 conditions which could be due to accident or illnesses. Children’s policies cover special conditions. 

Definitions are important so please talk with our insurance consultant. Policies are so varied in nature that we don’t offer automatic quotes. Please use the contact form to the left to avoid financial distress which goes along with being sick.

We also carry Guaranteed Issue Critical Illness policies, which are affordable critical illness insurance that is easy to obtain. There is a one-time payment upon diagnosis of one of covered diseases, disorders, or injuries.

Available on some policies is the Return of Premium Option also insures the return of all premiums paid (up to 100% of the benefit amount) should the policy continue until its expiry date, which is the anniversary date following the policy holder’s 75th birthday.

Smart Choice Life’s unique selling features are its: simplicity, accessibility, affordability and the ability to make the “Smart Choice’

Note: you must survive a critical illness for a set period of time to receive benefits (usually 30 days).

Phone (506)454-3346 or email [email protected] for a confidential inquiry.