Are You Saving Enough for Retirement?  RRSP or TFSA? Is your Retirement a Full Time Job? Many people who planned to retire after 2002 and then again after 2008 are still working. That’s because of wrong financial planning.

At Smart Choice Life we select products with guarantees, tax advantages and unique features that stand out from our competition so you can feel safe.

Large Case Resources  When needed we bring in financial specialists best suited to your portfolio and your goals. So you are assured of the very best financial advice.

Watch our Video that was picked up by a national retirement website – it is 2 minutes 38 seconds

RRSPs These are great for mainstream middle class, but many people would be better off without RRSPs. We do an honest analysis and should you decide RRSPs are for you we offer a wide variety of choices.

TFSAs The name Tax Free Savings Account is misleading. It should be Tax Free Investment Account. There are a wide variety of investments that can be held inside a TFSA. You don’t pay tax on the growth. You can withdraw the money or leave it there for your heirs, either way it is tax free.

Warning: Don’t use your TFSA as a chequing account. There are tax penalties if you withdraw money and then deposit money during the next year.

A monthly payment which is equal to 1/12th  the annual limit is a great way to invest.

Life Annuity – Now Cashable! Yes now Canada Life, some of our suppliers, have introduced the cashable life annuity. At Smart Choice Life we specialize on products that guarantee you a steady stream of income for as long as you shall live.

Deferred Life Annuity!  Ideal for  people age 49 or over but not drawing retirement income. 

Segregated funds invest in many companies and or bonds in a similar fashion as mutual funds. In many cases they have the same fund managers as mutual funds. The difference is that segregated funds are insurance products. They have both maturity guarantees and guaranteed death benefit, mutual funds do not have these guarantees. We deal with all major Canadian suppliers.

NOTE: A Bank has deposit insurance through CIDC and life insurers have similar deposit insurance through Assuris. PLUS Assuris also guarantees Life Insurance death benefits up to a certain limit and lifetime income for approved products.

RESPs There are several types of education plans. Single plans, family plans, Pooled investments, Individual investments, are a few choices. We help you avoid the large fees of many scholarship funds which can enhance your investment.

NOTE: Canada Learning Bond participation rate stands at 19.3% which is very low. It’s free so please tell anyone who receives Child Tax Credit to call us. We can get them hundreds of dollars of free education money with no cost to them.

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