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We offer articles and books published from the writings of Gordon Hughes. Most are complimentary.

Gordon has had over 150 articles published in The Daily Gleaner, appeared on several episodes of a TV show entitled ‘According with Carmen’ as a financial expert. He has over 30 years experience in banking and financial services. When it comes to money; Ignorance is not bliss – it’s costly!


Money Smarts for Teens

This is a short book that helps youth understand the value of money and the impact of spending on their lives.

Robert Hunger gave a copy of “Money Smarts for Teens” to his grandson to read. His grandson reported back that he learned things he had never thought of before, and that he would look at things differently as a result.

Bob believes that this book has actually had a positive impact on his grandson’s life by raising his grandson’s awareness it may help to change his future.

Please spread the word – it’s free – it’s powerful and it’s suitable for all teens.



Money Smarts for Young Adults

This book details experiences of young adults – suitable for ages 18 to 45 .

By following some of the characters we meet in this book most readers will be able to identify some of their friends and maybe even see themselves in some of the personalities.

Several scenarios are presented and it alerts the reader to potential impending dangers of not attending to financial details. The true value/costs for various actions are explored. It is thought provoking and unique in its approach.





Money Smarts – Exposes Myths About RRSP

“Money Smarts” Exposes RRSP Myths, by Gordon Hughes ELP, CFP.

The book opens with a client discussing his tax dilemma with Sarah Thompson CFP. It’s written in a conversational style to introduce concerns regarding financial matters in an easy to read way. Throughout the first ¼ of the book Sarah uncovers some startling situations. The last ¾ of the book Sarah presents solutions and strategies for her clients as well as uncovering “hidden weaknesses” they should avoid in future. These clients are of varying demographics and economic levels and she saves them thousands.

The book exposes how billions of dollars are at stake for banks and other large financial institutions. Could this be their incentive to keep the full truth about the RRSP program under wraps?

Practical options are presented for individuals. You’ll meet one Canadian couple that would have lost the equivalent of about five years wages if they continued to do their own financial planning.

Some writers have written about the advantages of holding your mortgage inside your RRSPs. Gordon looks at why it’s extremely difficult to find anyone to help you set up this program. Most people who can afford this method should be doing it. But try and find anyone to assist you do it! We can help.

The book closes with a visit from a client during which Sarah Thompson shares how an RRSP catch up loan is almost never a good idea for any client but works real well for the lender.

 This book contains sixteen chapters each dealing with different issues regarding RRSPs. One chapter is posted as a free download including the index. After reading this chapter if you suspect that the remainder of the book might be of value to you simply email [email protected] to request the remainder of the book. The whole book is free at present (this can change without notice)–it’s just that most people won’t want to download 150 to 200 pages if they aren’t sure they will read it. This way you can read a chapter and then request certain chapters or the whole book if you wish.

Q) Who will this book benefit?

A) The working poor – the middle class – and the wealthy can all find value

RRSP’s aren’t always what they are cracked up to be.

Email: [email protected]